Being creative is a gift and people should leverage it to be good at lot of things and a lot of domains like music and art. Creativity helps us to enhance our perception of the world. Creativity helps us to make new neural connection every day hence drastically improving our cognitive abilities and helping us think in a logical framework. 


So our five senses integrate the information to be processed by our brain, the information can be manipulated according to our need and when we can articulate that we call it an artwork. When it comes to music it’s about notes that help us articulates our thoughts and when it comes to painting it’s the colors and the canvas that creates the magic. The frontal and parietal association regions are involved in creative processes, the basal ganglia (automatic habitual action), occipital cortex (vision), or the cerebellum (motor coordination).Creativity can be based on the habit of thoughts that we generate, thus utilizing the basal ganglia; creativity can involve picturing things visually thus using the occipital cortex.

creativity is a whole-brain process, and creativity is maximized when information, knowledge, skills, ARE ENHANCED and all parts of the brain are activated in a right amount and hence creating a thought process and an articulation of your non-material thought into material entity.

So there are 3 types of specific areas that are used for creative thinking process : 

 1) The Attentional Control Network – it help us to maintain focus on a particular task , usually when we are stuck in a complex problem , reading listening & riding. <br><br>

 2) The Imagination Network –  now when we concentrate on the task , we imagine about the future scenarios based on the careful analysis of the things happened in the past, it help us to create mental image of the task in a future timeline and help us get a bigger picture, increase the dopamine level and accelerate the creative process. <br><br>

 3) The Attentional Flexibility Network – switches between the Attention Control Network and Imagination Network, toggling between both of them in order to monitor what is going around us and inside our brain as well. <br><br>

So in short if you are a creative person then you will be gifted with sharp cognitive abilities and a mind which can think out of the box in a logical framework or even in a metaphysical framework. Flexibility of the thought process is the key which is achieved through creative thinking.


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