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The Audio Engineering Diploma will train learner to be a Pro Audio Engineer, the Diploma will cover all the topics, concepts, domains and technology that have to be leveraged to be an Pro Audio Engineers.

Our Education Team at LIVE X EDU takes real good care of all the educational needs of budding audio engineers, musicians, producers and media professionals by providing them state of the art education modules which are being developed & delivered by skilled and experienced faculty members, our faculty includes professional sound designers, producers, broadcasters, mixing/ mastering engineers, FOH / Monitor engineers, session musicians, system tech and audio-video producers.

Diploma includes Certification based on THEORY & PRACTICAL Supervised Educational Assessment.


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Audio Engineering Crash Course is the most cost-effective and expedited way to learn the ins and outs of Audio Engineering, the learning modules that we offer are being rendered by years of Research and Development done by LIVE X EDU TEAM, and our learning experiences are delivered by experienced Sound Engineers and Educators.